How to take Oxandrolone correctly?

The main advantages

  • Increasing muscle relief
  • Increasing the hardness of muscle
  • Growth of power performance
  • Fat-burning effect
  • Increased growth hormone
  • Low hepatotoxicity
  • Lack flavoring
  • Suitable for women


Oxandrolone – “soft” steroid with low androgenic component. Its action is primarily aimed at improving the power performance of the athlete. The ability of this steroid dramatically enhances the process of synthesis of creatine phosphate muscle fibers makes it possible to obtain a significant gain strength without the express weight gain. This particular quality of the preparation of the athletes appreciate the dignity of the lighter weight categories for which the increase in weight is critical.

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Oxandrolone: effect of steroid

The drug Oxandrolone is very popular, like the novice and experienced athletes with a lot of experience. It usually prefer the security forces and weightlifters who do not want to move into a higher weight class, but try to look for opportunities to increase its power, maintaining body weight.

Oxandrolone from the Balkans is a strong anti-catabolic, able to occupy the cortisol receptors and prevents their activation. That is why the reception of such drugs are often carried out to maintain a particular muscle mass and overall physical shape in between cycles.

The correct course of Oxandrolone ensures the formation of hard, non-watery kind of muscle. It is important for athletes who are to demonstrations or sports competitions. In general, fans are trying to get even the most expressive muscles, so the anabolic steroid can be for them, if not perfect, then at least a good choice.

It is worth noting that this is not a new drug, it is already well known to many athletes, and its active ingredient is even better. In 1964 he appeared in America steroid Anavar (oxandrolone), which became one of the first anabolic steroids, can achieve a significant increase in strength. Subsequently, its more modern counterparts have started in high demand among athletes. Some of these analogs and includes drug released Balkan Pharmaceuticals, considered one of the best.

Course Oxandrolone

To provide optimal return preparation, athletes are advised to take it in doses ranging from 50 mg to 150 mg per day. The dosage should be installed depending on the physical condition of the body, and generally selected individually. Even if the athlete receives the maximum dosage on the course – 150 mg, expressed gain in muscle mass, compare Sustanon will not occur without the support of other steroids. In between cycles, the dose may be about 30-40 mg per day.

Buy Oxandrolone is possible to co-administration with clenbuterol or stanozolol during the “drying”. The daily dose for receiving divided into three parts and consumed at regular intervals. It is well combined with other steroid, and not just the means, which is important for athletes.

You can also take Oxandrolone as maintenance steroid during massonabornogo cycle. To this end, it should be combined with methandrostenolone or oxymetholone. In between cycles of this anabolic taken together with testosterone undecanoate or methenolone. Its combination with nandrolone decanoate is recommended to athletes who have problems when taking testosterone.

Who should buy oxandrolone

The popularity of the drug among the widest athletes and swimmers because of the ability to increase the quality and power characteristics of the muscle. In strength sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, and the like, it is regularly used during the “drying muscle” for the relief and dense muscles.

An interesting fact is that this is one of the few steroids, which can be safely taken by women. It is well tolerated by the female body, and for a while it even used as a medication.

Oxandrolone women are encouraged to take a more cautious, using the dosage recommended below men. The optimum amount of steroid per day for athletes – is 20-40 mg (2-4 tablets). Duration of also should not be overestimated. See more

Such steroid use can receive not only the women, because He is considered a good stimulator of growth in children, so it can be consumed, and young athletes. It is not actually exposed to flavoring, investigative course of taking Oxandrolone helps to increase the quality and length of the muscle / bone strength without risk of fluid buildup and development of gynecomastia. Before use, the young athletes are strongly encouraged to consult an experienced specialist, in order to exclude possible contraindications and to choose the most appropriate dose.

Athletes older than forty years, it is recommended to buy oxandrolone, as even high doses it does not affect the formation of the body’s own testosterone (but there may be exceptions). This drug usually does not have an overwhelming influence on the hormones.

How to take Oxandrolone

Before you start taking this steroid, every buyer should read the detailed description of its features. Oxandrolone has low toxicity and a low incidence of side effects. Athletes who have problems with digestion, it is necessary to use a tablet 2 hours after a meal for best absorption by the body substance. The negative effects on the body can occur only if the athlete takes the drug for several months without interruption or grossly overestimated dosage.

Long Course Oxandrolone may affect the condition of the liver. This is due to the fact that it alkulirovan 17-alpha, like many similar oral androgens and anabolics. The toxic effect of the drug can not be considered very high, however, it is present, so reception should be normalized without abuse.

Oxandrolone may cause side effects in women if they exceed the recommended dosage of the drug. If an athlete uses more than 6 tablets per day, then this tool can cause acne, loss of hair, deepening of the voice. These masculinizing androgenic effects in some cases, may occur at lower doses during the observed predisposition.

This drug is on the market only in tablet form, so if you suddenly find a means of injection, it is definitely fake. Price Oxandrolone objectively low, which can be called in fact his only drawback, if it could be considered a disadvantage, because its properties are far outweighed by the cost. The drug is widely used in the market and popularity among athletes, and even a considerable amount does not become an obstacle to this, so it is good and effective for sports applications.

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Oxandrolone from the Balkans: reviews and recommendations

Without a doubt, the opinions of experienced and professional athletes can be a great help for beginners, poorly versed in pharmacology and makes it difficult to decide for themselves how best to use one or the other drug. Reviews of Oxandrolone in our store you can find and explore without too much difficulty. They are both on the preparation of the page and at the Forum, where various relevant information about the means of sports pharmacology. Here you can get the required answers.

What is it they say about anabolic steroids? Reviews on the network in the first place confirmed its considerable efficacy for the sport, the relative harmlessness and qualitatively. With regard to the last point of doubt so it is unlikely that someone had, after all Balkan Pharma operates in the market more than a year and have since gained the support of many athletes by issuing mostly workers and, as a minimum, good drugs.

Safety is confirmed not only reviews of oxandrolone, but also the practice of long use of its analogues for medical purposes. If we are in medicine, the active ingredient of the drug found it necessary to use and harmless, the athletes in the sport, using different means much more severe, it is unlikely to harm, unless, of course, strongly do not abuse the reception.

If you require specific statements about the quality of anabolic and its properties, be sure to visit our Forum resource. There you can get advice from specialists, closely familiar with the pharmacology of sports wing.